Thursday, December 2, 2010

Get your delicious 4-course food fix at Citrus for RM10 only! 101 Dalmation (Signature Dish) + Mushroom Soup + Honey Mudslide + Ice Lemon Tea

Satisfy your stomach with a 4-course meal consisting of Mushroom Soup (starter) + 101 Dalmation (main course) + Honey Mudslide (dessert) + Ice Lemon Tea (drink). Only at RM10 for the whole meal instead of RM25! Redeemable at Citrus Plus Cafe Restaurant, SS15 Subang Jaya.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hurry! Outdo Yourself for your share of RM50,000 in the 100PLUS MindWarp Challenge

The game is on! With over 30,000 fans in the 100PLUS Outdo Yourself Facebook fan page, you’re missing out on something big if you’re not playing the 100PLUS Mindwarp Challenge.

Play the Mindwarp Challenge and stand to win your share of RM50,000 worth of prizes. There are 3 Samsung Galaxy Tabs (worth RM2,700 each), 2 Samsung Galaxy S (worth RM2,599 each) and 10 Samsung NX100 Cameras (worth RM2,699 each) to be won!

That’s not all; top 15 fastest players will also be invited to compete in the ultimate mental and physical challenge at the Grand Finals for a chance at RM10,000!

Already playing? Excellent! Continue to Outdo Yourself and challenge your friends to see who has the better score.

The time is drawing closer to the 100PLUS Mindwarp Challenge Finale! Keep checking the 100PLUS Outdo Yourself Facebook page for more information.


Can you beat the high scores of the 100PLUS Mindwarp Challenge to win big prizes?

Join the 100PLUS Outdo Yourself fan page and play the 100PLUS Mindwarp Challenge to stand a chance to win RM50,000 worth of prizes! There are Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Samsung Galaxy S, and Samsung NX100 cameras to be won! Top 15 fastest Finalist will be invited to compete in the ultimate mental and physical challenge at the Grand Finals for the chance to win RM10,000 in cold hard cash!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Create the largest influence network in the country. Invite your friends and earn RM 1 when they join and share a YouthSays Campaign

Over the past 9 months, 35,000 young people have been deciding - Which brands and NGOs messages are worth sharing with the rest of the youths in Malaysia?

Using Facebook and Twitter, their messages reached their friends in ways newspapers, radio, or TV cannot. That's the power of social media.

This coming 2011... we take our social media to the next level. We're looking for the next 100,000 Malaysians under 30 to join YouthSays to create the largest influence network in the country.

You and your friends will be the first to choose which campaigns to share on our social networks, and get cash and prizes for our efforts, too.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Global Youth Symposium 2010

Global Youth Symposium (GYS)
was originally a vision of a young, local undergraduate who was studying in University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This undergraduate went on to successfully lead the first installation of this project in 2007.

This event embraces young people or youths as the focus for the future, thus aiming to accelerate ‘youth empowerment’ by providing a platform for young minds around the globe. Its purpose is to challenge youths to come together and discuss issues faced by the world today in an open manner.

To achieve this, all differences will be set aside without forgoing the cultural identity, linguistic diversity and social responsibility as unique in their own respect.

So basically, this is not a "save-the-cheerleader-save-the-world" kinda mission. This is where the youths, and future leaders express their thoughts in order to find the way to curb issues. And of course, you don't need to be a superhero (or a cheerleader). Just be yourself!

So check out their blog for more info. =)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

End world hunger by playing this quiz. Somewhere in the world, a starving person will be eating rice that you help provide.

For each right answer you get, 10 grains of rice will be donated through the World Food Programme to starving people around the world. The more right answers you get, the more rice you will provide to starving people! Just play this quiz and complete all 60 levels.


Watch all the funny and crazy things people do with Nescafe!

After months of people submitting their songs and videos from
across Malaysia... the final top 20 videos have been chosen for
Nescafe Chillah. Some of them are entertaining, heartwarming, crazy...
but only one will win. Which one? You decide.


Tune in to TV9 this Sunday, 10pm for Kawanku Bintang Coca-Cola and catch Bo & Wanted Symphony in action!

Tune in to TV9 this Sunday, 10pm for Kawanku Bintang Coca-Cola and catch Bo & Wanted Symphony in action!

Body: This TV show is a platform for 8 talented but undiscovered young musicians to improve and showcase their skills for fame and fortune. Each week, 2 finalists will perform in a non-elimination round and the winner will be crowned during the 26th December FINALE.

This week sees Bo, a singer songwriter and Wanted Symphony, the talent duo performing acoustic pop genre.

Find out more about them in

Friday, November 26, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010 - "Water" profile image Blog Action Day 2010 - "Water"

In conjunction with Blog Action Day 2010, bloggers from all around the world will be tapping their keyboards to spread the word about the selected topic of the year - "Water". With that said, YouthSays will be sharing our take on water and how it is a blessing to mankind by blogging about it on the 15th of October. :) Did you know that 42,000 people die every week from unclean water. Even more than deaths caused by violence and war! Often a topic we take for granted, water is something we can't live without. Make a wave of a difference by sharing your own water about it, talk about it and most importantly help to provide clean water for the thirsty!

For more information, CLICK HERE! :)

Raise your hand. Stop child abuse now!

An average of 7 children in Malaysia suffered abuse everyday in 2009, and these were only the reported cases.

Get on Board is a "peoples' campaign" by UNICEF to provide the Malaysian public with the knowledge, insights and resources to stop child abuse. Do the right thing. Get on board. Stop child abuse!


Jump into the next level of FREEDOM now and get complimentary entry, privileges and more!

FREEDOM is back for a series of events unlike any other. Come experience the next level of clubbing when FREEDOM hits you with some serious eye-popping sights and body grooving sounds of renowned artistes: local and global. FREEDOM Members get COMPLIMENTARY ENTRY into the road show + TICKETS AT SPECIAL PRICE to catch The Thrillseekers (UK) and Simon Patterson (UK) in KL LIVE! Want details and info? Head over to now.


Customise your own authentic Four-Season Quattro Stagoni Italian pizza at only RM18 from RM36 [50% discount].

Quattro Stagoni literally means ‘Four Seasons’, where there are 4 sections to the pizza. Each section will have a different topping. Choose toppings like Ligure, Tonno Cipolla (Tuna Roma), Seafood (Frutti di Mare), or Black Pepper Chicken to name a few! At 50% discount, now only RM18 from RM36. Redeemable at Head Quartrs (HQ) Bistro, Jaya One.


Come for a jam session and listen to live music on the 4th December at Frontera - YouthAsia Music Night & eat with 60% discount!

This deal comprises of TWO of Frontera's best-sellers: Habanero Hot Wings & Taquitos de Pollo in a single basket! RM10 instead of RM25! Besides that, come on the 4th of December for the Frontera-Youth Asia Music Night: Live Music & Jam Session! Bring your instruments and jam with us. Jammers will be given drink coupons!


Thousands of youths have found their dream jobs here!

JobsCentral is a website for you to find your ideal job.

You will get RM2 when you sign-up and RM2 for every friend you referred to sign-up for a JobsCentral account. Also, stand a chance to win RM300 and iPod Nano for the month of November.

But wait, make sure you provide us with the correct details. Every sign-ups will be verified for authenticity before we give appropriate rewards. Sign-ups which are not valid will not be counted.

Sign-up now!

This is your last chance of winning 2 condominiums and 2 cars! Only one month left before the contest ends!

CIMB Bank is giving away RM2.4 million worth of prizes for 2
Good 2 Be True contest. Prizes including TWO condominiums, TWO cars,
TWO holiday vouchers and plenty of cool gadgets. It's true! Also,
watch these funny webisodes about the legendary Mr. 2 and laugh out


Want your share of RM50,000 in prizes? Play the 100PLUS Mindwarp Challenge and Outdo Yourself!

Join the 100PLUS Outdo Yourself Facebook page and test your speed, wits and memory with the 100PLUS Mindwarp Challenge. Start your quest to be the best with our mind-warping online game as you compete for your share of RM50,000 worth of prizes!

If you’re quick enough, get set to compete in the ultimate mental and physical challenge at the Finals!

Top 15 fastest winners compete in the Finals for a grand prize of RM10,000

Main prizes:

3 fastest winners – Samsung Galaxy Tab + 100PLUS (6-can pack)

2 fastest winners – Samsung Galaxy S + 100PLUS (6-can pack)

10 fastest winners – Samsung NX100 + 100PLUS (6-can pack)

click HERE to join! :)

Want to meet new friends? Say Hi to them in this fun virtual world!

Explore the new World of Everyone Connects. Not only will you get to know new friends, but you can also stream videos, listen to music, do shoutouts, get the latest football news and many more! There are so much fun in the World of Everyone Connects!

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